As Mobile Number would be the Unique IDentifier with which the Wallet would be associated, Distributor will update the Customer’s Mobile Number with SafeGold. When the Customer changes the Mobile Number, the Distributor will Verify the New Mobile Number and update the Mobile Number on Safegold through an Update API.

Update Mobile Number API

This endpoint will accept the New Mobile Number to which the Customer is wishing to change.
Staging URL users/{user_id}/direct-update-phone-no
Production URL users/{user_id}/direct-update-phone-no

Request Parameters

new_phone_noNew mobile number of the end customer10

Success 200 response Parameters


Failure Parameters

Status CodeCodeCode Description
HTTP Status 400
1Missing Important Information
2User not Registered
3User ID/Vendor Mismatch
3User with Mobile Number Already Registered


Points to remember

A default user_id is used for this API. It can be changed to the desired ID for performing the Mobile Number Update.

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