This is the process flow for selling digital gold. 800


  1. The Customer will be able to see the Live Sell Price published by SafeGold.
  2. The Customer will enter the gold to be sold either in Rupees or in Grams.
  3. On click of Submit, Distributor will hit the Sell Verify API of SafeGold
  4. Post Validation, SafeGold will create a transaction ID and send it as a response to the Distributor in the Sell Verify API.
  5. On the success of the Sell Verify API, The Customer will choose the Bank Account Number or Wallet on the Distributor Website/App on which the Customer would be receiving the money for the Sell transaction.
  6. Once the Customer chooses the Bank Account Number or Wallet and proceeds, the Distributor will call the Sell Confirm API of SafeGold.
  7. On the success of the Sell Confirm API, the respective gold Amount would be deducted from the Customer’s gold Balance. The End Customer will be redirected to the Transaction Successful Screen.
  8. The Customer will be able to download the Invoice for the particular transaction. The Invoice will be accessible to Distributor through an Invoice API. The distributor will pass the transaction ID on the Invoice API and will receive a link to the Invoice in PDF Format.
  9. Distributor will call the Order Status API I to re-verify the status of the transaction.