This endpoint is used to get the current gold sell price.

Whenever a Distributor hits the Live Sell Price API to query the live price, along with the Sell Price, SafeGold will send “rate_id” and “rate_validity” parameters in the response.

rate_id represents an ID assigned to a particular rate when the selling price was queried. So when the customer comes on the Landing page of Sell on the website/app, the live sell price will be queried from SafeGold by the Distributor. SafeGold will send the live sell gold, a rate_id associated with the particular rate, and the validity time till which the rate will be valid. The rate would be valid for “7 minutes” on SafeGold’s side.

Distributor would send the rate_id in the Sell Verify API instead of the gold rate and SafeGold will check whether the rate has expired or not. If the rate has not expired and all other validations are true, SafeGold will create a transaction ID and send it as a response.

Success 200 Response Parameters

current_priceThe Current Gold price published by SafeGold.
rate_idThe rate ID corresponds to the live rate sent in the response.
rate_validityThe time till which the rate will be valid for. On SafeGold's side, the validity time would be for 7 minutes.

Failure Parameters

Status CodeCode Description
HTTP Status 500Service not functioning

The Distributor will call the Sell Verify API bypassing the User ID which was generated during the registration of the particular customer in the URL.


Points to remember

Similar to Buy Price API this API provides a current_price for selling based on the real-time market value, which must be passed to the Sell Verify API for initiating a sell transaction.

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