This endpoint will let the Distributor create a redeem gold transaction. This will return the tx_id, which has to be passed to the next endpoint to confirm the transaction.

Distributor will pass the unique ID of the product that the customer wants to ask for delivery and the address of the customer to which the gold product would be delivered to.

URL Params

Example: user_id = 2

Request Parameters

FieldDescriptionData TypeLength
product_codeProduct ID of the Product. (Available as ​ id ​ in the Gold Products API).IntegerAutoincremental ID generated by SafeGold system
nameName of the customer to whom the product would be delivered
(Not compulsory)
phone_noMobile number of the customer to whom the product would be delivered.
(Not compulsory)
address.stateState of the CustomerString255
address.cityCity of the CustomerString255
address.pincodePincode of the CustomerNumeric6
address.addressAll details of the Address needs to be sent in this parameterStringText

Success 200 Response Parameters

tx_idUnique Transaction ID provided by Safegold which will be passed to the next endpoint to confirm the transaction.
estimated_dispatchEstimated days for Delivery for the particular product.
priceMinting Cost of the particular product.

Failure Parameters

Status CodeCodeDescription
HTTP Status
1Missing required information
2Invalid Product Code
4Product out of Stock
5User not registered
7Insufficient Balance

SafeGold will recheck the Pincode sent by the Distributor. SafeGold will also validate whether the User has sufficient Gold Balance. If the validations match, SafeGold will create a transaction ID and send it as a response to the Distributor.

Post the success of the Redeem Verify API​, ​the Redeem Gold Confirm API will be called by the Distributor bypassing the User ID in the URL and by sending transaction ID as a request.


Points to Remember

  1. Sometimes there can be a case when the Product ID mentioned as default is out of stock. In that case select another product id from the Gold Products Catalog from the response of Gold Products API
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