1. Customers should not be able to enter the decimal values in the rupee field.
  2. Minimum sell value should be ₹10 and not below that.
  3. The timer for the Sell Price should be valid for 5 mins at the Distributor’s side as there is a validity of 7 mins on SafeGold’s side.
  4. As there is a validity of 10 mins between Sell Verify API and Sell Confirm API of SafeGold, Distributors should set a limit on their side that the Sell Confirm API needs to be called within 8 minutes from the time the Sell Verify API was called.
  5. Distributor will call the Order Status API to re-verify the status of the transaction.
  6. Distributor will retry to settle the money to the customer for the Sell transaction till successfully processed in case the settlement fails during initial settlements.