This endpoint will let the Distributor pass the PAN and Aadhar details. Once the Aadhar and PAN details, the status of the identity parameter and PAN parameter will update to status 1.

URL Params

user_id = [integer]
example:user_id = 2

Request Parameters

FieldDescriptionData TypeLength
kyc_requirement.pan_noPAN NumberString10
kyc_requirement.identity_noIdentity NumberString100

Success 200 Response Parameters

idThe User ID of the Customer provided during Registration
nameName of the Customer
mobile_noMobile Number of the Customer
pincodePincode of the Customer
emailEmail ID of the Customer
gold_balanceGold Balance of the Customer in Grams
kyc_requirement.identity_requiredFlag to Update the Flag of the KYC Identity requirement
kyc_requirement.pan_requiredFlag to Update the Flag of the PAN requirement

Failure Parameters

Status CodeCodeCode Description
HTTP Status 400
1Missing either PAN Status or Identity Status
2Missing User ID
3User not Registered


Points to Remember

A default user_id is used for this API. It can be changed to the desired ID for performing the KYC Update.

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