1. Customers create a SIP Plan on Distributor’s App/Website either through Debit/Credit Card or through E-Mandate by choosing the Start Date, amount, duration and the frequency.
  2. For future instalments, Distributor creates a debit request through the payment gateway by the payment mode chosen during the creation of SIP.
  3. Once the amount is successfully debited, Distributor will fetch the current price and will hit the Buy Verify API of SafeGold
  4. Post Validation, SafeGold will create a transaction ID and send it as a response to the Distributor in the Buy Verify API.
  5. Post the success of the Buy Verify API, Distributor will call the Buy Confirm API of SafeGold subsequently.
  6. On success of the Buy Confirm API, the respective gold Amount would be added to the Customer’s gold Balance and a confirmation SMS/Email needs to be sent to the customer.
  7. The Customer will be able to download the Invoice for the particular transaction. The Invoice will be accessible to the Distributor through an Invoice API.
  8. Distributor will call the Order Status API to re-verify the status of the transaction.