This endpoint will let the Distributor get all the gold products available for redemption.

Success 200 Response Parameters (Sample response)

idProduct ID of the particular product
in_stockWhether the specific gold product is In stock or not. If it’s in stock, the value will be ​ “Y”. ​ If it’s out of stock, the value will be ​ “N”.
sku_numberSKU of the product.
media.imagesImages for the Product. Safegold will provide the links for the Images.
media.videosVideo for the Product. Safegold will provide the links for the Video.
descriptionDescription for the Product.
metal_weightWeight of the Product.
metal_stampMetal Stamp for Product
brandBrand Name
delivery_minting_costMaking charges of the Product
estimated_days_for_dispatchEstimated days for Delivery for the particular product
product_dimensionsDimensions of the Product
product_thicknessThickness of the Product
certificationType of Certification
packagingType of Package
metalType of Metal
refund_policyRefund Policy of the Product
product_highlightsProduct highlights of the Product

Failure Parameters

Status CodeCodeCode Description
HTTP Status 500Service is not functioning

For creating a transaction, the Distributor will call the Verify API by passing the User ID which was generated during the registration of the particular user in the URL.

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