As the Sender’s gold wallet balance gets deducted during the ​ Gifting Verify ​ API, if the Receiver fails to accept the gift within a particular time or Receiver rejects the gift, Distributor will call the ​ Gifting Cancel ​ API to reverse the gold amount back to the Sender.

Request Parameters

tx_idThis would be the Transaction ID which was passed by Safegold in the previous Gifting Verify API for the particular User ID.

Success 200 Response Parameters


Failure Parameters

Status CodeCodeCode Description
HTTP Status 400
1Missing required information
2Invalid Transaction ID
3User ID/ Vendor ID Mismatch
5User ID missing in transaction


Points to Remember

  1. Make sure to pass the tx_id received as response from Gift Verify with/without receiver ID API to the Gift Cancel API in the body parameter.
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