1. As soon as the delivery is requested by a customer, the representatives at the Vault are notified regarding the same and they begin the packing process.
  2. Through an automated process, SafeGold creates a pickup request for delivery with a delivery partner and an Airway Bill is assigned for the particular delivery request.
  3. The delivery representative visits the Brinks vault and picks up the delivery parcel for delivery. As soon as the product is dispatched from the vault, the tracking link is assigned to the customer.
  4. As all the deliveries are pre-paid delivery (not Cash on Delivery), the delivery representatives attempt the delivery to the particular address. In case of any queries regarding the tracking of the address location, the customer calls the customer for the confirmation of address. If the delivery representative has no problem in locating the address location, and in presence of anyone at the customer’s address location, the delivery representative delivers the package
  5. During the first attempt, in case of absence of anyone at the customer’s address location, the package is brought back to the delivery center.
  6. For future attempts, the delivery partner communicates with the customer through Call/SMS regarding the date and time for the delivery attempt.
  7. After numerous failed attempts or if the customer is not reachable through Calls/SMS made by the delivery partner, the product is brought back to the Brinks Vault and the corresponding weight for the particular transaction is added to the customer’s balance by SafeGold